The Travel Guy Returns–in NYC

AOL’s Travel Guy, aka George Hobica, stopped posting travel deals on Digital Cities when AOL Travel and their partnership deals muscled in about 2 years ago, removing one of the best resources from the AOL service.
Now Hobica is back, with his own travel bargains site called TravelGuy Blog. He writes (it pays to keep your old AOL address book emails lists, eh?):

“After much agonizing, and after your continued pleas, I am experimenting with reviving the site, starting with the New York metro area. As you can imagine, it’s hard work for one person to maintain a site like the one we had.
As you can see, the new site–— isn’t quite as comprehensive or detailed as the old one. But it does have the same kind of hard-to-find, great deals (recently we had Japan for $244 RT on United, for instance). We are no longer listing the fare codes or, in some cases, even the airlines, in order to save time..
In order to keep this site free and ad free, and to help us expand it to your city, we’re asking our fan base to please book your travel through our blog (click on any of the Travelocity links) when possible (even if you’re booking something other than airfare). We get a small commission for all travel booked. The alternative is to charge a user fee for the site, which we are trying to avoid, although many people said they’d gladly pay $29 or $49 a year for our service.”
I was addicted to Travel Guy. Welcome back.