Today is Blog anniversary # 2

A blog story for my 2-year blog anniversary:
I started blogging in March 2003 because I’d been fascinated with blogging for 2 years, but didn’t feel I could have a *real* blog in a corporate job.
Once the corporate job went away (or I went away from it), blogging was one of my first experiments. I remember reading Megnut and being awed by We Blog, wide-eyed at the prolific Jeff Jarvis, and fascinated by Xeni Jardin, Jeneane Sessums and Halley Suitt (of course, those were in the days when I had no news aggregator, and collected all these links from blog rolls.)
I had no idea what I wanted to write about (or what I wanted to do with my life post AOL), so I just wrote. And wrote.
My office was a pale green room in a house in suburban New Jersey. Some days, I went out to the world with a DSL line, and the blog was a bottle tossed into a digital sea; other days, I took the train into NY to go for corporate outplacement and have lunch with (employed) friends I’d been too busy to see.
One of the first posts was about the bIP blog, an intellectual property blog from the School of Information Sciences at Berkeley. Another was about an article I was writing about Kevin Sites–and the resulting firestorm when CNN asked him not to blog. I went to a Jupiter Conference about Paid Content and met Rafat Ali,who I was to remeet later.
And through all the changes in my life, I just kept blogging.
I started a consulting company, I moved back to California, I started commuting across the country (again), I got invited to BloggerCon (thanks, Daveand Frank) and I just kept blogging.
Somehow, in the past two years, blogging became a core part of what I do.
On one hand, it’s my hobby.
On the other, it’s my obsession.
It’s brought me friends, community, and an amazing range of insights and ideas (mostly from others.) It’s taught me how to listen and made me more open, and helped me practice greater transparency in everything I do.
Thanks, everyone, for being part of this journey.