Winer: Internet 3.0, circa 2001

Dave Winer may be sitting at home reading blogs, just as I am right now, cause he just sent me the most perfect, appropriate link to a piece about Web 3.0 he wrote back in 2001.
Here’s the gist:
“Internet 3.0 will realize the groupware vision of the late 80s which was really Doug Engelbart’s vision of the 60s and 70s. Shared writing spaces with good boundaries. Structures that link to each other but are capable of managing greater complexity than the page-oriented metaphor of the Web. (Which few people read, everyone skims, so why not create interfaces that optimize for skimming.)
Internet 2.0 brought us online car purchases, eBay, bill-paying, banking. Those were profound changes. Version 3.0 will refine this by giving us better tools for working with the new power.”
I edited for space, but you should read the whole thing.
Dave, yeah, you are a visionary sometimes. And smart!
Thanks for sending–this was so relevant.