• Mforma: Barry Schuler snagged Jon Sacks for them

    Seattle Post Intelligencer story on X-AOL exec and NYer Jon Sack’s move to leader of Mforma: Schuler recruited him out of retirement. Explaining the move to Mforma, Sacks is quoted as saying”The most interesting part of this for me is that there are 1.9 billion cell phone handsets in use everyday. To me, that is… Continue Reading

  • Takes on Topix

    Had lunch last week with Topix guys Rich Skrenta and Chris Tolles at their beautiful Palo Alto offices (like, above the trophy shop). The conversation ranged from work focus post-acquisition to the legal issues around packaging up feeds. For those who are interested in learning more about this very nimble company, some info from the… Continue Reading

  • Yahoo content staffing: Adding multiple layers?

    X-AOLer Shawn Hardin’s joining Yahoo! in Santa Monica as VP for content operations, a spot parallel to the one that MSNBC’s Scott Moore just started. Susan sez: Saw an LA friend last night who wondered what news honchos like Craig Forman and Neil Budde might feel about all the layers of management being added to… Continue Reading

  • Noted: Media

    J-Lab awards first citizen journalism grants. Om Malik: Yahoo News is so vanilla. Jay Rosen: News people…Can they migrate across the chasm? (Susan sez: I think many can…but can their companies?) Anthony Townsend: One of my favorite researchers/thinkers is joining The Institute for the Future–and moving to the West Coast. Global Voices: For an international… Continue Reading

  • Da Borg: Google’s ad network expands

    Nate Eliott: ‘ Google, which absurdly still claims that its sole mission is to “organize the world’s information,” is officially turning its crappy text-ad network into a crappy banner network.” Susan sez: Yep, welcome to the world’s largest advertising platform.

  • More Mobile Media conference notes

    Brian Russell of AudioActivism has some detailed notes on the Mobile Media conference. It’s been a good day so far, with lots of discussion from the attendees, the best part of the event, in my opinion (not that the speakers weren’t good–they were.) More at morph as well.

  • Rich Gordon: Is Google a Trojan Horse?

    Rich Gordon muses on Google’s Trojan Horse aspects: “But I find it interesting that Google is going to help advertisers publish ads on other sites (with graphics and animation) that they wouldn’t allow on Google.com. I suspect that advertisers will find it appealing to be able to go to Google and buy richer forms of… Continue Reading

  • Mobile: Lucy Hood, SVP, Fox News

    Mobile Media talk, Lucy Hood, SVP, Fox on mobile initiatives and programs: “The ability to deliver 1:1 personalized content when and where you want it is the promise of mobile media.” Buzzwords to watch: Mobisode–video soap opera series for phones– 24 Conspiracy–downloadable 1 minute episodes. The series runs in parallel to TV show 24. Also,… Continue Reading