Bubblegeneration: Why Technorati doesn’t get it anymore

Umair Haque:Technorati, and I think most blog aggregators, have misunderstood the strategic landscape created by the economics of feeds.”
And “The feedreader, I suspect, is becoming the browser 2.0. ”
Terrific comments and ideas, here.
Susan sez: Put these thoughts about targeting, aggregation, ad revenue and newsreaders against the AFP desire to have news sites and portals license aggregated content and you have an interesting powder keg–now that tech companies may get $$ packaging others’ (copy-right protected) content, is this baby gonna blow?
(Via Emergic.org)
Update: I realized I should say that I am not convinced that Technorati doesn’t get it per se–but I do agree that the whole paradigm is rapidly shifting20 degrees sideways.