Categorizing the world? quotes How Not to Blog on the joys of assigning everything–and everyone–in the world a virtual squew:
“Every person, place, thing, and event would be assigned a unique ID (this can be automatically done for both new and current entries). One could then form or enable the formation of a relationship with anything in the database merely by copying and pasting the ID. Put it in your blog profile, mobile phone, an email, feed reader, or other field in your client. It will automatically know what it is because of its categorically-oriented ID, and how to organize it in your profile. You could even select the type of relationship you have with it (“relationship key”) from a list of relationship types.”
This caught my attention for two reasons:
a) the privacy issues
b) the categorization issues
One of the things I find so intriguing about tagging is what I perceive as it’s messy, organic nature-it’s disorganized, but discoverable through search.
Taxonomy, on the other hand, is organized and structured–and expensive as hell to create.
So this idea of squews seems pretty arduous–unless someone assigns them at random, first come first served, in which case we’d be living in The Phantom Tollbooth.