Confusability scrapes Bloglines, finds good stuff

Dave Weinberger says: Confusability is scraping bloglines and noticing how people are categorizing feeds. Among the first 100 most popular folder names on Bloglines are:

  • blogs
  • news
  • tech
  • Technology
  • People
  • Politics
  • friends
  • comics
  • blog misc

Plus–here’s a list of the top subscribers to feeds on Bloglines–their subscription names, number of feeds, and number of folders they have.
Interestingly, topix is #3–with 3109 feeds in 17 folders, preceeded by Renwar (Chia Renwar?) and Divedi
Among the Bloglines feed consumers that I recognized are scobelizer(1085), Phil Wolff (813), George Kelly (764), Enoch Choi(759) and A ndrew Nachison (712).
Someone has a list of 3,000+ blogspot feeds.