Straight outta beta: Rojo, next-gen newsreader

Rojo CEO Chris Alden and crew invited some bloggers and press to come by the Folsom Street digs and see the new and improved Rojo next gen newsreader. As some of you know, I worked with Chris , Kevin Burton, Mark Graham and Tim Caitlin on Rojo’s very early stages, so it is really nice to see the product get to this point.
What’s the customer value?
Well, Rojo offers users a relationship-oriented, multi-view newsreader/aggregator tool that discovers, shares, and classifies information in ways that Bloglines does not.
Some of the feature of note:

Om Malik and Steve Gillmor were in the group–they sparked some interesting discussion of mobile posting and attention.xml, as well as the potential to morph a tool like Rojo into a web services play.
Looking forward to seing the user adaption path… and the new features not yet rolled out.