• Krishna Bharat: Time out to gush

    I know I should be amazingly cool and pretend that it didn’t give me a total thrill to meet Google’s Krishna Bharat, but that would be a lie. Meeting Krishna and chatting with him will definitely be one of the high points of the trip (another might be sitting cross-legged in the Korean Folk Village… Continue Reading

  • Impressions of Korea

    My very short visit to Korea so far has been limited to an elite downtown area, so these perceptions are squewed–but still, some thoughts about Korea–and Seoul in particular, with the acknowledge they are just impressions: This country is dedicated to become an economic success and enconomic global power The government sees education, technology innovation,… Continue Reading

  • New: Search 4 RSS

    MacManus: “Search 4 RSS is a neat RSS search engine with some great add-ons. It features a directory of 125,000 RSS feeds, including ability to rate feeds. It also has an in-built web-based Aggregator and a Podcasting Player. ”

  • Steve Gillmor gets serious

    Steve Gillmor’s got an attention-worthy post this week over at Inforouter. Not only does Steve come clean on some of the stresses of the last 6 months and then some, he gets into a discussion of the line between the personal and the technological that, while unique to the tech community, will sound awfully familiar… Continue Reading

  • Midnight at the Oasis

    It’s 8:15 am on Monday in California, and 12:17 am Tuesday here in Seoul. In the past 36 hours, I have started to see a bit of Seoul, an interesting new city, and have met dozens of people from all over the world: Egypt, Cameroon, Mali, Jordan, Finland, Germany, Italy, Nigeria, China, France, India, the… Continue Reading

  • Noted

    Peterme: “Snapfish, Ofoto, and Shutterfly have been playing a sucker’s game, trying to generate revenue from prints of digital images.” CNN: Yahoo! sued over woman’s nude photos, profile. (Via Corante) Hollywood Reporter on ABC’s plans to cover the Indy 500: “ABC Sports will deploy more than 70 broadcast cameras around the 2.5-mile track, including a… Continue Reading

  • More Noted: WEF Mobile

    WEF weblog, round-up on news and mobile: Park Chang-hee, General Manager of JoongAng Ilbo Strategic Planning: “…The demand for newspaper journalism will always exist but newspapers themselves need to be open to new technologies.” Torry Pedersen, Online Editorial Director at VG Norway: “Mobile is replacing the internet as the medium of choice not only in… Continue Reading