AO/Technorati 100: These guys are clueless

Liz Lawley just put words to the clueless thinking of some of the supposed-to-be-so-smart tech guys–the AO/ Technorati Open Media 100 not only seems to be distinctly unfriendly to women, it’s got a category that is for Forefathers only.
Come on gentleman, just because the only women at your companies are in support positions, is this really justification to be Neanderthal?
If you were a company, not a contest, you’d get sued–as it is you should change this ASAP.
Walk the walk, boys…THINK about it.
You have to do better.
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  1. Hugo E. Martin says:

    “the women and children not counted” is quite an old statement! There are a lot of women, children and men we don’t count or care much.
    So step out und nominate some of them too.
    My heading from Saturday, May 07, 2005
    “Wer sind die Lichtgestalten, Muetter, Vaeter und Macher der Open Media Revolution?”
    nor the extended Category “The Founding Fathers (HEM: or Mothers)”
    received any objection from either AlwaysOn nor Technorati.

  2. Bernard Moon says:

    Hi, Susan.
    I apologize for the editorial oversight. We were not intending at all to be unfriendly to women nor were we forgetting at all about the accomplishments of women to “open media.”
    Also to let you know women just as much as men are driving and coordinating our efforts on the AO Technorati 100 list.
    Bernard Moon
    Reality Media Editor, AlwaysOn

  3. Roxanne says:

    Remember my first incendiary post over at Morph. That’s what this “contest” reminds me of.

  4. susan mernit says:

    Yes, Roxanne, know what you mean.
    Bernard, thanks, and Hugo, right on.

  5. John Furrier says:

    nice point susan on this… i don’t agree with the entire award thing at this point. Hey my philosophy is “build and industry first” then give out awards.. putting stakes in the sand this early kinda looks stupid.

  6. John Furrier says:

    one more thing is that I don’t really see a problem with AO doing something because they are a media reporting platform (aka red herring in an open source environment). I do see this as a bad move for technorati only down side for them to do this…hell they should be playing on the field not trying to report from the seats. Can’t be on both sides. Leave that to the analysts and the press. That of course is different if Technorati see themself as press.

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