Blog for Vespa–and then some

Steve Rubel and company have announced a set of viral PR blogs for Italian scooter company Vespa–now they are seeking bloggers (Vespa-riding, one assumes) to write them.
If you are Vespa-obsessed, Vespa-focused, Vespa-loving and want to share your love with the multitudes, this is a great gig for you.
On the other hand, if you are a creative non-fiction writer and want to temporarily pretend to be all these things, it’s probably a great gig for you, too.
Either way, the details of how to submit (hah!) are here.
WSJ story here.
Update: Any Vespa owners already blogging?
Okay, how about giving away some of these babies?
Update: Monsieur Rafer from le feedster writes in that there’s a better way to find Vespa blogs right here. Whaddya know.