Come on and Skype me

Yes, I just installed Skype, bought a $20 microphone/headset, plugged it and and started chatting with a friend in New Zealand.
It is cool.
So Skype me…the headset is now travelling to China/Korea with me…fun.
P.S. You don’t know what Skype is? Think VOIP (voice over IP) system that allows you to make calls over the Internet–free. And it works. And it’s easy.
So, Skype me, come on.

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  1. Edward Vielmetti says:

    nice talking to you Susan!

  2. Steve Shu says:

    Make sure you get the settings right and watch out/screen for the crank calls …

  3. Roland Tanglao says:

    could we do a Web 2.0 radio podcast ( in the next couple of weeks? email me roland AT if you are interested!

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