Dan Gillmor’s Bayosphere on Why Drupal?

Re Bayosphere: The number of people looking for open source community journalism platforms grows larger every day, and Drupal is one of the best platforms to consider.
That’s why I read Jay Campbell’s entry on choosing to build on Drupal with particular interest.
He writes:
“Drupal has a stellar philosophy of extensibility. On an old school CMS, changing the system’s behavior required changing the software package’s source code. Eventually the package requires an upstream upgrade (for security fixes, if nothing else), and a programmer has to reapply every local custom change ever made, an often-tedious and sometimes-impossible task.”
And goes on to describe the platform in a concise, elegant way.
Great stuff for those wondering what to build in.
And a nice platform for Dan’s effort (yeah!)
(Aside: Is this Jay Campbell the one from Santa Cruz Tech? One might think, but who knows?)

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  1. technorati says:

    Can you repost the link to Jay Campbell’s entry

  2. Jay Campbell says:

    Aye, it’s me. Santa Cruz Tech, BlogShares, The Agonist, FeedBeep and now Bayosphere et al.
    I’ll continue to blog about Drupal and release a module or two. Their biggest challenges (from my perspective) are impending bit rot and version drift, as pre-4.6 modules catch up to Drupal at the same time Drupal catches up to PHP5, and individual webmasters juggle patch and version conflicts. This isn’t an issue specific to Drupal, but it’s one I’m really hoping the community can beat.

  3. Rob Beckett says:

    Jay you little bugger, Isabella will be so proud of your latest fame. ;-)

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