Dick Parsons: We could sell AOL–but is that a strategy?

Parsons tells Fortune that he’d consider selling AOL if the portal/webbed garden strategy doesn’t deliver.
This is interesting, because I think TW is at the point where they can’t afford to sell AOL–they just need to make it do a better job and focus it in some respects.
But, it also underlies their lack of a visible web strategy for the bigger company.
Or, to put it another way–when the NY Times is one of the biggest sites on the Net in reach (thanks, About), CNN, Reuters and the AP are making new deals and everyone is thinking distribution, does TW need AOL as a platform for an effective web strategy?
Or is there another way?
Oh, what’s that you say?
AOL is a subscription-driven business trying to become an ad platform, not a web strategy play?
Yeah, how true.
Keep AOL , sell AOL–babe, that ain’t a web strategy–do you have one?