Google: Need to build a top-shelf mobile team? Buy Dodgeball

As you may have heard, NYC/Lower East Side startup Dodgeball’s been acquired by Google, which is also busy hiring mobile talent.
(Did you know that DB o-founder Denis Crowley lives(d) across the hall from former (in)famous Gawker employee Andrew Krukoff-(read this post, where all is revealed)
(Via Media Drop)
Update: More than Doughnuts has a list of items Google may also want to acquire:

  • The leftover Thai food at my desk that is really stinking up my cube
  • My old dusty bass guitar in the basement from my ‘KDUNK punk rock’ days
  • One overpriced pair of jeans I can no longer put a leg in after I turned 30
  • My CHASE bank overdraft loan that has a 789% interest per second