Info should be free, or Replacing The New York Times

So t his guy’s got it all figured out–everything that goes behind the paid wall, he’ll says he’ll swap in an equivalent–and he’s got a handy little chart–

New York Times Media Equivalent Blog Replacement
Editorials LA Times
Washington Post
Daily Kos
Bob Herbert Robert Scheer Steve Gilliard and Jen
Paul Krugman n/a Brad DeLong
Nicholas Kristof Sebastian Mallaby
Fred Kaplan
Josh Marshall
Steve Clemons
Laura Rozen
John Tierney WSJ editorial board Powerline
Maureen Dowd Margaret Carlson Chris Nolan
Tom Friedman Max Boot
Jim Hoagland
Juan Cole
David Brooks WSJ editorial board Andrew Sullivan
Frank Rich E.J. Dionne Billmon
William Safire Charles Krauthammer Debka

Not bad, huh!
Peter Levinson, this is very cool.

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  1. Flynn says:

    Cute, but this isn’t information; it’s subjective writing. Maybe if we were only talking about online bus schedules or something not qualitative this whole “Info should/wants-to-be free” blather would start making better sense to me. I’m sure plenty of people will pay $50 for these voices plus whatever else is bundled in with the service (archive access, etc).
    Since when did more choices mean that everything should be devalued to free? Is a $.99 bargain bin fiction book the content equivalent of the new $18 Carl Hiaasen novel? Maybe to some, but definitely not to others. I personally don’t consider Andrew Sullivan a replacement even worth considering for Brooks. That’s just me.
    I will pay for some content now and in the future, and will choose not to for some. I won’t fall in the trap however, of insisting that all similar types of it are worth equal value, and that value is $0.

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