Kristoff: Blogging in China

NYTimes: “…the Internet is beginning to play the watchdog role in China that the press plays in the West. The Internet is also eroding the leadership’s monopoly on information and is complicating the traditional policy of “nei jin wai song” – cracking down at home while pretending to foreigners to be wide open….I think the Internet is hastening China along the same path that South Korea, Chile and especially Taiwan pioneered. In each place, a booming economy nurtured a middle class, rising education, increased international contact and a growing squeamishness about torturing dissidents.”
4 million Chinese blogs? That’s what the man says.
Kristoff mentions and portal Sohu…but will a Chinese Chris Nolan emerge?
(For some good links to Chinese bloggers writing in English, see Global Voices , Fons Tunistra, Kevin Wen, Isaac Mao and others. )
Update: Measured commentary on the Kristoff essay by danwei’s Jeremy Goldkorn.

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