Lazy Sunday

Went to the gym this morning with a friend and sweated like crazy.
Home and took the dog to the park.
The two little Korean girls next door have never seen a dog as big as Winston, and they are intrigued.
I show the little one how to tell him to “sit” and “lie down.”
They both feed him biscuits.
When we play ball, he tumbles into the grass to grab the tennis ball, then chews it like a pack of gum.
This is so amazing the little girls’ Mom takes pictures.
Later, Winston and I lie under a tree and stare at the sky.
Later than that, I go inside and take a nap.
Is there anything more delicious than an afternoon nap on a beautiful day?
A few things, but I’ll settle for the nap.

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  1. Julie says:

    What a day: delicious and beautiful indeed! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed a lazy Sunday.

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