Rheingold: Cameraphones as personal storytelling media

Once again, Howard Rheingold‘s found something fresh and interesting to think about–his article on cameraphones as a personal storytelling medium, based on a 2004 paper by Daisuke Okabe, explores the idea that a camera phone is used in a manner distinct from both a phone and a digital camera, being, somehow, used primarily to share a point of view moment to moment (Rheingold describes the research as identifying key actions as “personal archiving” (saving images for one’s own use, as a memory of a day or special moment, a “self-authoring practice”), “intimate sharing” (showing a mini-slideshow of one’s day or one’s hour in person to a friend), peer-to-peer news and online picture sharing.)
Given that the phone is definitely our future platform–and a pretty important one today, as well–understanding casual use–since everything about phones seems to be casual except for people’s fierce addiction to always carrying them around–this is another one of those well worth reading The Feature articles by one of the smartest thinkers around.
(Via Playpen)
Bonus link: Older article on mobile phones and social capital.