RSS tracking: Right on, Nooked

Bizweek blog (nice job, folks) quotes Nooked CEO Fergus Burns saying “Web publishers will be tweaking the feeds, in growing numbers, to follow customers.”
The Bizweek kids write: ” His prediction: Publishers will offer customized features and richer content to RSS subscribers who provide them with profiles. Then they will be able to track customer behavior and send along targeted ads with the feeds. ”
Absolutely spot on, in my experience.
RSS feeds need to have metrics and access controls attached to work optimally for publishers skilled with newsletter and email models–development in this area–as Stuart Watson is doing with Syndicate IQ–will drive business–and mainstream adoption– forward in a big way.
What do others think? You developing in this area?

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  1. Chris Ritke says:

    At you can set up your own feed of search results from our engine – it can be based on search words and/or media type from enclosures. We aren’t attaching targeted ads to this yet, but will be sometime in the future. So it’s not users signing up and us learning about their profile, but it’s the user who sets up their own feed and then can come back and customize it anytime they want. We won’t know who it is, but we’ll know what they’re interesed in based on the url of the feed they’re using and will be able to target based on that.

  2. Jackson West says:

    Intresting. I was wondering if there was a way to politely restrict people’s access to RSS content. For instance, only feed Yahoo headlines and not full posts, or offer a subscription that allows you to full-post feeds with no ads, etc.
    Thanks, Susan!

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