Targeterati: Edelman/Intelliseek create blog influencer directory

PR Week: Are you a PR or marketing type wondering how to target the most influential bloggers in your sectors? If you’re an Edelman client then, Edelman/ Intelliseek’s new directory listing the most influential bloggers can be your targeted cheat sheet for reaching out where it counts.
Rick Murray, Edelman’s EVP and GM of diversified services says “The risks to attempting to communicate with the blogosphere — you will do yourself harm…Clients are calling us with increasing regularity, asking what’s going on [with blogs] and how is this affecting the business.”
I’d personally rather see marketers do a little work to understand the viral nature of the blogosphere than whip out some directory, but if David Weinberger is quoted in the announcement saying ‘”The Edelman/Intelliseek white paper does an especially good job explaining blogging as not just another opportunity to spout one’s message, but as a way of entering into genuine conversation with and among one’s customers,” it gotta be worth a look (if you can get it, that is.)

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  1. peter caputa says:

    Susan. That link is bad. Can you fix please?

  2. susan mernit says:

    Fixed. Thanks, Peter

  3. Niall Kennedy says:

    I read this whitepaper back in April and blogged about it. It seems like the same whitepaper.

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