• Less travel, more posting

    Whew. Just finished the tail end of what turned out to be a couple of months of endless travel–and working. Some short trips planned, but nothing like the 15,000 plus miles I logged in June. That means more posts, more thinking–more often. Can’t wait for the jet lag to subside. PS I pick up my… Continue Reading

  • The read/write web: DIY content explained

    John Markoff’s NY Times’ story does a good job of explaining the participatory culture of the read/write web. Quotes and sound bites from many of the usual (emerging tech) suspects highlight ideas many Wrst Coasters are thinking–and living.

  • The Yellow Chair

    Free wireless. A yellow chair. A house. Who uses it? interaction designer anab jain documents her wifi universe. (Via Smart Mobs)

  • China: Mobile data stats

    Yep, China’s a big country. Lotsa people. Lotsa mobile phones. From Dan Farber, via Emergic, some numbers provided by a China Mobile general manager: * Mobile phone subscriptions in 2004: 340 million (15 percent growth year over year, 26 percent of the population in China) * Total number of wired and wireless subscriptions in China:… Continue Reading

  • Welcome to the vlogosphere

    Vlogging or video blogging– Mary Hodder writes: “Vlog-posts are little movies, or a post wrapped around a little movie. One cannot link from within a movie, but one can reference, remix, explore…As I discover vloggers, get to know their work, see what they are thinking about as they explore and forge ahead with their vlogging… Continue Reading

  • Online news: Free ain’t the kicker

    Pew study: Only 8 percent of the Americans interviewed in a new Pew Research Center for the People and the Press Report say they read news online because it’s free–and 73% say reading online news is more convenient. Of course, the web continues to move from the edge to the center–Key quotes: ” The internet… Continue Reading