Discussion notes: Forman and Kramer

More from the discussion going on with this talk:

Audience member–Please elaborate on what Yahoo going open means:
Craig Forman: This means going from a world of proprietary content that is licensed or bought to providing that plus what we provide from other sources–
We make a light oversight decision as to what feeds are in our RSS aggregators–and we focus on our Yahoo News feeds from that perspective–as opposed to My Yahoo, etc.
We”re not an electronic scraper of the web, nor a full news entity–we package news with a small team to provide a focused experience. We have a combination of profound search technology and great depth of sources that we combine with packaging and oversight.

Audience member: How do you see your sites in relation to Google News?
Larry: What the Internet does is remove the middleman…it puts a buyer and a seller together in a more efficient way. Yahoo (and other portals) can create communities via being a portal with integrated services. Google tries to separate itself completely from that process and be your pathway to information. We offer a filtered and edited experience.

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