Editorial innovation: LA Times seek read/write relevance

NYTimes story today on Michael Kinsley’s efforts to breathe life into the op-ed pages of the LA Times:

  • An online feature called “wikitorials” that allow readers to edit–and reedit–editorials
  • A section called “Thinking Out Loud,” where readers, op-ed and editorial writers get into local issues.

Apparently, Kinsley’s ruffled some feathers, but these features sound like much needed new thinking for online news.
Update: Someone on the Online News list, whomI will not quote by name since I didn’t have a chance to ask permission, thinks this is a bad idea and comments: “…Wikitorials”? Given the factthat Wikipedia, which I find terrific in every other way, is weakest and most problematic in areas of politics, does this strike anyone else as a calamity of Ishtar proportion?”
I think it is great…my interest is in letting citizens have at versioning local commentary..that sounds very satisfying.
Update 2: ” Unfortunately, we have had to remove this feature, at least temporarily.”

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