In Shanghai, connectivity-challenged

Arrived in Shanghai around noon and am fascinated by the city–it is huge and urban–kind of a Terminator-type landscape of huge cranes and unending industrial construction edged by 50 story high-rise beehive apartments in some areas, charming Colonial buildings edged by nicer modern high rises in others.
Went to a Chinese gymnastics class with my friend and her 4 year old–the class is in a building that houses elite gymnastics students, ages 4-16. Looked like a converted stable, very austere, but with some very talented students–if I can get decent connectivity, I will upload the pix.

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  1. Fons says:

    In China there is always the dial-up you can use from everywhere: 13600 for the phone number, login name and pass word; ‘broad’band is often so slow, dialup is better since very few people use it.

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