More on Shanghai trip

This is my fourth day in Shanghai and it continues to be interesting–the city is huge and varied, with amazingly affluent and sophisticated areas and humble alleyways and street stalls almost side by side.
Lunch yesterday with Edwyn Chan at a local Shainghainese restaurant–great meal and great talk, but caught the waitresses giggling at us…seemed like Western folk in this branch was a novelty.
Drinks last night in Xiantiandi, a huge outdoor complex of bars and restaurants, locals and expats thronging the clubs..very cool and commercial spot.. could be anywhere…a party theme park that looked nothing like my previous impressions of China.
Dinner last night at the Isaac Mao, an exciting person to meet because, like me, he supports education projects and non-profit initiatives while working commercially. More on Isaac later..but a great person to connect to.
In addition to meeting these folks–and the bloggers at our Friday night meetup, there’s been constant walking around the city.
So much of what I love are the glimpses of things that seem unique to Shanghai–the throngs of biycles speeding down the boulevards, wet clothes hanging from lines everywhere, fruit sellers carrying melons in big bamboo bags.