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More announcements and new tools:
Gallup Org has 8 RSS feeds for news and data reated to Government and Politics; Business and Economy; Health and Healthcare; Religion and Social Trends; Education and Youth; The Nation’s Pulse; PollTalk; Gallup Poll Daily Briefing video segments.
The Airset calendar/scheduling tool’s got a new version with slicker UI, RSS feeds, public calendaring.
Alex King and Scott Saunders have launched an alpha of Feedlounge, a newRSS reader. Love the clean design. Claim to fame: “Enjoy the most powerful and elegant web-based feed reading experience ever created.” Scott’s blog says: ” I was continually frustrated by the fact that my favorite news reader, NetNewsWire, only allowed me to read items on one machine.”

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    It Sanders, not Saunders :)

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