Tristan Louis: Data-crunching Yahoo and Google

Tristan Louis has done a wonderful job of crunching numbers to compare how Google, Yahoo and Technorati index the blogosphere and report links back.
This info-rich entry is a super satisfying read.
Some highlights froim his post–
“Yahoo! generally does a better job at indexing the blogosphere than Google does. We know they have been working hard to improve their index and here’s proof that they are getting results
Even if Google is the one with the motto about not doing evil, Yahoo! seems to be the one interested in giving equal opportunity to the little guy: smaller blogs seem to have a better chance of being recognized by Yahoo! than they do of being recognized by Google
While the front page of Google advertises they are currently indexing over 8 billion pages, it is very difficult to find ways to support that claim via the link feature they are offering: this can be seen as confirmation that Google does not tell you about all the links it has in its index/”
Tristan also notes “how much larger the number of links found in the Yahoo! index was, compared to the number of links found in either Technorati or Google.” He also says that Technorati is getting a better handle on the Asian blogosphere than Yahoo–“a surprising result considering how much time and effort the latter has put into its Asian operations.”
Great data, thanks–can’t wait to see your stats on