• Blogher, revisited

    So, it’s over. And so many moments of it–many outside the planned events–were just so great. For me, the three flashpoints were the people–old friends and great new people the diversity–themes and attendees varied more widely than other conferences I’ve attended–and that added such richness the fact we did it This conference rocked! I suspect… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the day: How newspapers can survive Web 2.0

    “If we are to survive as a business dedicated to producing quality local news, information and dialogue, we need to move, too, with people and resources. But that means more than just re-creating the print product online. It means understanding the culture of the Internet, and of blogging in particular, and understanding how we can… Continue Reading

  • BlogHer: Off to the races

    I’m at BlogHer–the conference is swinging into gear with 300 folks crammed into the big meeting room and the sound of Kumbaya is faint above what’s turning into a down and dirty moment with a blogger in the audience who tells Halley Suitt “I asked you for a link and you didn’t link to me!”… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the day: There is a power shift going on

    “There has been and there is a power shift going on: from the producers of media to the people formerly known as the audience. That’s what I like to call them, because they’re not really an audience anymore. And terms like “audience” and “consumer” and “viewer” and “reader”–which have become threaded into journalism–aren’t really that… Continue Reading

  • Blogher: Saturday dinner plans

    Trying to figure out Saturday dinner plans for Blogher–what are other conference attendees doing? Also thinking about post-party hanging out at my place…. If you are interested in a meet up at dinner or hanging out later in the night, let me know.

  • Seth Goldstein on the (new) Attention Trust

    Serial entrepeneur and smart guy Seth Goldstein’s got a long and fascinating post about his new Attention Trust nonprofit and the market shifts and consumer behaviors that led to these ideas. Building off Michael Goldhaber and others, Seth defines attention as a valuable commodity and posits that we can manage it like other assets(I think).… Continue Reading

  • AOL teams up with feedster–confirmed

    Yup, it was true- -release is on the wire now: AOL Working with Leading RSS Search Engine to Provide Fully Customizable Portal Page with Automatic Updates for RSS News and Content Feeds from across the Web Rafer quote: “AOL is one of the first to make RSS easy-to-use for mainstream Internet users. With My AOL… Continue Reading