Bill Keller kicks at blogs and cable TV in one sound bite

Is NYTimes exec editor Bill Keller invoking the gratuitous jabs gambit when he slams both blogging and cable television on the eve of LA Time’s editor Jim Carroll’s retirement?
You decide–here’s a quote:
“We’ve only got two things that distinguish us from blogs. One is we have reporting staffs who actually go out and see stuff and are trained professionals. And we have standards which are enforced by editors– you double-check things, make sure it’s right–and all that costs money.
If you aren’t giving people the basics– good reliable news, smart analysis and in-depth investigations–then all they’re going to see is the same stuff they can get on cable TV.”
Susan sez: Always nice when BSD corporate types feel a need to strike out at the industries nibbling at their margins, but I’m surprised to see a top editor at the NY Times stoop so low. Guess everyone reserves their right to make cheap shots (I know, I have...)

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  1. Nick says:

    I’d like to reference this on our blog (as it seems relevant to the results of our blog usability study). Can you provide the link to this quote, though?
    Many thanks!

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