BlogHer: Come and join in July 30th

BlogHer is July 30th in Santa Clara, a moment that comes ever faster.
It is going to be a great conclave of bloggers, would be bloggers, media types, techies, plain old folks.
Guys welcome–and a couple of great guys I know planning to attend.
Julie Leung and I are doing a session on blogging 101–
This is going to be a great conference–come if you can.
I am basically planning to not sleep that weekend..there will be so many people to meet and talk to.
signup page for blogher

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  1. Nancy White says:

    So many cool people, so little time. Shall we organize something informal Friday morning?

  2. Ruby says:

    I sure wish I could go! But I can’t afford the airfare, and registration is closed now anyway…
    I’ll be watching virtually so I hope all you participants will do a lot of live-blogging. Will there be an IRC channel?

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