BlogHer: Off to the races

I’m at BlogHer–the conference is swinging into gear with 300 folks crammed into the big meeting room and the sound of Kumbaya is faint above what’s turning into a down and dirty moment with a blogger in the audience who tells Halley Suitt “I asked you for a link and you didn’t link to me!”
And Halley says “Okay, I blew it–ask me again.”
The room roars with laughter and the conversation takes off: Trish Grier,Liza Sabater, Staci Kramer, and others in the audience are chiming in on links, influence and playing the status game(or not).
This is not your father’s conference, folks–and this is not even your brother’s conference, friends–this is the do-acracy and i have feeling it is going to ROAR.
Congrats Lisa, Elisa, Purvi and Jory–you pulled it off.