Blogiquette: What’s a blogger to do?

The SFist kids weigh in on how to make friends and influence people, blogger-style. Jackson sez (selected tips):

  • As Dwayne Johnson says, “know your role” If you’re the new kid on the block, defer (no need to be obsequious) to other bloggers in your space. The time to throw your weight comes later, after Defamer has linked to you a couple of times.
  • Respond to email from people, (especially when they’re offering to help you). It’s just common politeness.
  • Being fatuous is a criminal offense in the blogosphere. Don’t hold yourself above the fray because you feel superior.

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  1. Jackson West says:

    Thanks, Susan! Glad you like it!
    We totally didn’t write those in response to any blogs who are sponsored by people who’s name rhymes with “Ron.” Cough.
    In one shocking turn of events, a certain online columnist actually dissed a local sexpert’s podcast picks, and praised some white prick in NYC instead. For shame.

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