My new car is a cat

Did you hear the one about the woman whose cat leapt over the fence on the patio, broke its leg, splintering the bone?
And how the repairs cost about as much as a used car?
That woman would be me and my little black alley cat is now suddenly worth a few thousand dollars, based on the surgery invested in him.
The emergency room vet said to take him to the regular vet, but the regular vets couldn’t handle the his broken leg, so I ended up at the orthopedic surgery experts, having a consult.
The way you fix a broken leg with splintered bones in a cat is that you screw a steel plate into the leg, add steel pins, then lock it in a big crate for 6-12 weeks till it heals.
The only other fix possible, the vets said, is to cut the goddamned leg off.
So, given the choices between orthopedic surgery and amputating the broken leg to save money, which would you pick?
So yeah, now my new car is a pussycat…one I am happy is walking, safe and home.

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  1. Sean O'Rourke says:

    Sorry to hear about the accident. I had a similar situation earlier this year, which required a doggie neck surgery. Now we have a “million dollar” beagle. Our options were a costly surgery with a high success rate, keep trying meds that did not work and have her keep screaming like a banshee, or the unthinkable. In a way, we had choices, but not really, in my mind, so we went ahead with surgery, and she was back to normal the next day. So yeah, you are not alone, my new tech gadget is a beagle, no regrets.

  2. Eve says:

    Oh, Susan! My late, great cat Devo cost us over 6K his last two months of life as he struggled with cancer. I would have spent whatever it took to keep him comfortable and happy until the end.
    That said, I still refer to the box his ashes are in as “the nice used Volvo”.
    Glad your kitty is going to be OK.

  3. Elisa Camahort says:

    Susan: I would have done the same. Without a second thought.

  4. cindy says:

    the past 2 weeks have created what i call at our house “the million dollar baby”. my 4 year old cat broke her leg (not sure how) rushed her to vet hospital and before the weekend was over, she was on her way to a “surgical team” and i had already spent $600.00 — her surgery is over and looks good so far she is in the laundry room with a collar on that she is pissed about but she needs those 6-12 weeks to heal — at which time “my alley cat” from the humane society will be the million dollar HOUSE kitty. we would not have done it any differently but when you look at what you spend on them, you feel a little strange, especially when people comment that they would have put the cat to sleep or amputated — those 2 options never entered my mind. good to hear that i am not alone !! thanks for sharing !

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