Two great quotes on citizen journalism et al

Tim Porter: ‘Don’t reflect the community. Be the community’— closing line at Debating the Future of Newspapers, (Via Bob Stepno)
Tim’s remarks were prompted by comments made by Howard Owens, the new media director for the Ventura (Calif.) County Star,, one of the more progressive–and innovative–small papers.
Howard said: “If you’re at a newspaper that has your community’s name in the masthead, you are the glue that binds that community together. You are its hub and its spokes (to mix metaphors).
…Being the voice of the people, and giving them voice, and helping to connect and bind our communities is part of our DNA and a prime part of our mission. It’s how we can best serve our readers, our communities and our advertisers. It is our past, and it is our future . We simply have to do it.”
Great comments–not only for newspapers, but for everyone who wants to deliver meaningful, credible, distinctive services to an audience.