• 24 hours of $$ trouble

    Ever have a day or two when everything goes wrong? Welcome to my world. (Warning: If you don’t want to hear me whine, stop reading now). First, I drop my cell phone and break it. It will take 3 days to get a replacement and meanwhile the clamshell lid is hanging on by a cord,… Continue Reading

  • Bluejake launches Streetsy

    NYer Jake Dobkin ( Gothamist and Blue Jake) has just launched Streetsy , a Street Art photoblog, sponsored by the Wooster Collective. Programmed by Eliot Shepard ( slower.net), Streetsy is powered by Flickr’s API and features 2,500 street art photographs from New York, Santiago, Paris and Tokyo. Also, check out Streetart, aother streetwise photo site.

  • Katrina: News & authenticity & the Internet

    All the Hurricane Katrina coverage is flashing me back to 9/11 when I lived in California but worked at AOL in Dulles, VA. I was on AOL Campus soon after the planes hit, and while management sent everyone home, I stayed, volunteering to help out folks in the newsrooom who worked 24/7 for the next… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day: Trade journalist Paul Conley

    “The tools of citizen journalism allow anyone to be a publisher at next-to-no cost. …we will soon see a slew of standalone, online, B2B publications being run by recently retired journalists. Those folks who have been working in your newsroom for 10, 20 or 30 years will no longer have to surrender a lifetime of… Continue Reading

  • Dell PR: Rubel nails it

    Maybe one of my favorite posts ever from the lovely Steve Rubel on Dell and the Jarvis thing and the BizWeek piece in the bloghouse. Steve says: To my friends at Dell, here’s some free advice that can help you turn this around. You are now passed the point of no return. Dell needs to… Continue Reading

  • Noted, misc.

    Paul Graham: How to start a company–the right way. NYTimes: Cooking Light has supper club meet ups based on published recipes. TheColumbiaRecord.com: Knight Ridder paper launches new site, community publishing push (Via E&P). Terry Teachout: Live from katerina–Arts blogger becomes storm media resource–and explains how it happened.

  • Tom Coates: Tagging (digital) radio and Web 2.0

    Tom Coates has a fascinating post on an “experimental internal-BBC-only project designed to allow users to bookmark, tag and rate songs they hear on the radio using their mobile phone.” I heard Coates and company present at eTech on some nifty user-driven programs they ran on the radio station, and this is more like that.… Continue Reading