24 hours of $$ trouble

Ever have a day or two when everything goes wrong?
Welcome to my world.
(Warning: If you don’t want to hear me whine, stop reading now).
First, I drop my cell phone and break it.
It will take 3 days to get a replacement and meanwhile the clamshell lid is hanging on by a cord, like a kid’s baby tooth.
Next, I bring my car in for brake work and it’s (gasp) $900.
They clean some dirt off the ignition coils for free, only it screws up the firing.
Now I have another car problem I have to fix, only I have to drive home to walk my dog so I have to wait to bring it back.
So today I end up on the highway today with the Service engine soon light on.
I call the mechanic and he says to not drive till I can come in, so I turn around and head home, praying I make it.
Those repairs will be another $300.
Finally, I’m cleaning my teeth, and I dislodge the temporary crown–and my dentist is way on the other side of town and I hate going there.
Oh, and did I mention my $500 phone bill?
Is there anything else that can break, wear out, or get lost?
Geeze, I pray not.

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  1. Ray Thorpe says:

    Time to find a full-time job!

  2. Jim says:

    Time to use VOIP and end those fone bills! Hope you are well :-)

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