BayCHI: Web 2.0 talk, and then some

Went to a BayCHI event last night with an interaction designer friend–Sifry, Butterfield, Paul Rademacher, HousingMaps andThomas Vander Wal, were talking about Web 2.0 and what that means in their word(s).
Audience was packed, many said they were bloggers, only a few of the usual suspects in the audience–and they got kudos for coming down the Peninsula.
More blog posts on the evening here.
P.S. A side note involving food nd burning the candle at both ends::
I was so tired, I left during the Q&A (mainly because I kept falling asleep, and ugh, snoring).
Somehow an hour later there were four emerging tech people at my house, for whom I poured red wine and served olives with rosemary, chevre, manchengo, and oregon blue, along with some herb bread, crackers and veggie spring rolls–followed by al dente linguini with garlic, herbs and oil.
A good time was had by all–till I had to get up at 6:15 this morning.

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  1. Ben Barren says:

    Sounds like nice food… cant wait to sample some SoCal food when I visit for Syndicate2 in Dec from Australia.. (lots of ‘mainstream local Search types are going over for Web 2.0 conf but thats boring, so ill wait till syndicate)
    Ive been listening to Ponzis podcasts from Blogher last few days.. really really intriguing/interesting…

  2. HomePriceMaps says: compliments
    thie HousingMaps site quite well.
    while HousingMaps integrates Craigs list homes currently for sale and rent
    with Google Maps, integrates how much homes SOLD for
    with the google mapping technology

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