Maybe this is the moment that a new journalism can find its way

Jay Rosen’s writing about how the passion’s gone out of J-school for lots of the students–students who no longer want to be journalists. His post is amazing and powerful and eloquent, but I wonder of J-schools running out of gas is such a bad thing–
If the mantra is grow or die, and J-schools are dying, does that mean they are not growing?
Jay writes: “What I have lately been trying to say to my colleagues in J-school is clearer to me now, after the panel in San Antonio. Here is what I believe. The official religion has run out of gas. The tribes that are out there chasing Pulitzers and Duponts (plus market share, advertisers and ratings) do not know what to believe about themselves, their future, or their present value in the world.”
Maybe this is the moment that a new journalism can find its way, one driven as much by search results and link laws as by craft.
Maybe craft is something more of us can learn to own.
Maybe we need to admit the world is pressing re-start and that’s going to be okay.
Update: Thoughtful comments from Mark on Media.

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  1. Jay Rosen says:

    Thanks, Susan. I love this post, for your “maybees.” Although it’s written in a downbeat tone, the last line says we’re better off.

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