Noted: Citizen journalism and participatory media

Chris Waddle, Anniston Star, Choose one future for citizen journalism: “Bloggers can be as outrageous as they want to be and amass readers with similar viewpoints or jettison opponents without the economic consequences a newspaper endures….Why do they blog? Eighty percent say information they want is not available anywhere else.”
Samantha Henig, Columbia Journalism Review: “Just because citizens have a new way of recording and transmitting that fodder hardly means that it’s time to call them journalists.” (Susan says: Huh, does anyone besides CJR still want to call bloggers journos? –Nah.)
Jim Moore’s Journal: Reporting on systems evolving : “There is a new, global DIY do-it-yourself revolution happening. My new favorite magazine is Make, which is a wonderfully screwball journal of hacks…We are planting and cultivating a new open ecology of web superservices. Or perhaps we are joining together to build a Metaverse in Stephenson’s sense. In any case, expanding participation is rule number one of our new world.”