Young Mahattanite: Portrait of Krucoff as a Young Curmudgeon

Enjoying the recent posts about women’s magazines and the relative *objectivity* of the new ComScore blogging study at Andrew Krucoff’s Young Manhattanite-–every time I get a little too West Coast emerging tech kumbaya, this media/magazine snark stuff(uh, I mean pointed commentary) drags me right back to the (curmudgeonly) center.
(Krucoff is a busy guy: he’s got and blottered, as well as YM–and used to run theotherpage, a personal favorite.)
(Update: Smack me, I can’t spell. Sorry…fixed now.)

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  1. Jackson West says:

    Yay for snarky media backstabbing! That’s why I fell in love with Gawker in the first place…and yay for Krucoff, who’s why I fell in love with Gothamist.

  2. Krucoff says:

    Susan, I’ve held back all the times before but I can take no more….there’s no second ‘k’ in KruCoff!!!! Krucoff. C-C-C-C-C. C!! See?
    You’re first on the list if t-shirts are ever made. Jackson, you’re probably 6th or 7th.

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