• Would Lycos buy Technorati?

    Frank Barnako quotes Alfred Tolles of Lycos on Technorati as a desirable acquisition target: “This is the kind of company we are looking at, seeing if they are acquisition potentials or whether we have the ability to do the same thing ourselves.” (Via Paid Content) Susan sez: Think this comment will fuel (another) acquisition bubble?

  • Rollyo launches

    Gary Price has a good write-up of Rollyo, a new tool to organize and narrow searches and provide focused results. More comments from Rex Hammond, Steve Rubel, Library Clips, and founder Dave Pell, among others. Susan sez: There are other roll your own search tools in development, with more launches coming this month. Will be… Continue Reading

  • Noted

    AOL UK Study: Brit kids go online at school more than at home (this is so different than the US!) Seattle Business Journal: Merrill Brown advising Curious Office Partners, a new venture incubator funding a Brit RSS company called FeedDigest whose home page says :”With FeedDigest, mix, filter and republish or syndicate feeds to HTML,… Continue Reading

  • How do you describe Web 2.0? More comments

    More interesting comments on Web 2.0 and definition of: Richard MacManus (who will be in the Bay area momentarily) likes my post and has good words of his own. Silkworm blog says: “I believe Web 2.0 is like many other things, that are compared to love – you can’t satisfactorily describe it to anyone but… Continue Reading

  • Back up and down in Estes Park

    The conference center T-3 (!) went down this morning, so I am now in a crunchy coffee shop in Estes Park, feeding my digital addictions aka checking email and blogging. Did ya miss me? No, don’t answer that, please.

  • Web 2.0–it’s not just RSS

    Dave Winer says: Web 2.0 is really simple, it’s RSS 2.0, but I would venture to disagree. While RSS is an amazing tool, to me the heart of Web 2.0 is the user. The enduring lesson of all of the social media and emerging technologies is that we’ve created an a la carte, do it… Continue Reading

  • Tim Porter: Intentional Journalism

    Tim writes: “In order to preserve the principles of journalism, we must change its practices and form. We must create journalism we can sell. We must commit journalism by any means necessary. [Read: Journalism by Every Means Necessary.] The future of news belongs to those who build it. Journalists are not excluded from this process… Continue Reading