BizWeek’s Jon Fine: This guy needs a (better) editor

So Elisa Camahort sent me a link to an article by BizWeek’s Jon Fine on Technorati’s wonderous new blog finder product (never mind T’s infrastructure problems when you need t to write a wet kiss piece about their general hotness so your magazine can makes people feel like they’re inside the bubble).
The lede:

How excited is Peter Hirshberg, Technorati’s executive vice-president, about his site’s new toy? We’re at a birthday party — music playing, cocktails flowing, women in slinky dresses — and he drags me over to a laptop to show off a beta version of Technorati’s new searchable blog directory.

Elisa’s comment on this piece of breathless prose:
What is the message here? This product is so good that Hirshberg is willing to delay the certain orgiastic fucking ahead implied by the very presence of “women in slinky dresses” (snip)…
Susan sez: Given how great BizWeek’s Blogspotting is, let’s not only slap Fine’s hand for being politically incorrect, let’s wonder what his editor was thinking by letting not only a sloppy lede, but a whole article that sounds so 1998 slip through into publication.
It is absolutely hysterical for Fine to publish an article datelined September 19 that doesn’t acknowledge that these days, for most web users, it is IMPOSSIBLE to reach Technorati 20 out of 25 tries–especially when the CEO of the company acknowledges the problems on his own blog.
Guys, can you try getting it together a bit? Maybe act more like women in slinky dresses for a change?

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  1. Elisa Camahort says:

    I was so busy picking on the writer I didn’t manage to fit in picking on Technorati…thanks for filling in the gap ;)

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