EBay’s assets=Platform + Skype; also question re Google

So the press is r eporting that eBay is about to buy Skype for $2.6B
If that’s true, it means that eBay has the following:

  • A distributed platform for small biz/merchants
  • A namespace/base of over 22 million users, more if you count affiliates
  • A micropayments and merchant banking system ( Paypal)
  • Reputation management
  • An integrated IM and VOIP system (if they buy Skype and integrate it)

Very cool.
So, here’s the question–Will Google buy eBay? Or Amazon?
I’d like to bet that big war chest goes for platform tools, not media.

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  1. Ben Barren says:

    Its nice and audacious; Yes the price was inflated, but ebay’s value more so, therefore the premium is neutralised inline with the valuation of ebay. blah blah. Hence the stock component.
    Dont know that anyone could afford to buy ebay, amazon etc.. Would love an AOL/Timewarner merger.. My preference would be Amazon + Ebay : very transactional. Combine ebay/paypal (remeber they were x.com)/skype which are all P2P or C2C (which noone is commenting on doh !!!) with amazon’s B2C… so a killer B2C + C2C community.. maybe they should have thrown in Kazaa.
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