New: Yoga Journal conference blog

For the next week, Yoga Journal and a small group of blogerati will be working together to create almost real-time quality coverage of the 10th annual Yoga Journal conference in Estes Park–and of the visit of Mr. B.K.S. Iyengar, father of yoga in the West.
I’m part of this happy crew and we’ll be posting posting lots of unique photos, video, audio–plus lots of talk/observations/comments so that everyone interested in yoga, relaxation, wellness and balanced living can tune in and enjoy a look at what’s happening here.
Kick off is Monday, but the blog goes live today.
Side note: We’re going to bring some of the techniques of covering tech conferences–flash movies, podcasts, photo galleries, accounts & chronicles–to this unique yoga event–so if you are into yoga, or into emerging tech, check it out all next week.