NY Times: Post-modern Polyamory

Stephen Elliott, Three Men and a Woman: “Her husband is upset because having multiple sexual partners is one thing and falling in love is something else. She says this is the first time she’s fallen in love since meeting her husband nine years ago.”
“When I first met her I was shocked by her raw physical beauty. I didn’t think the fact that she was in an open marriage would affect me one way or the other. I wasn’t thinking long term. I had no idea of Angelina’s capacity for affection. Some think that love is a finite resource, like food. That love given to one person is love taken from someone else. Others believe that the more you love the more love you’re capable of. It’s what enables families to have more than one child.”
Susan sez: When the NYTimes goes alt., what (sacred cows) are left?

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  1. Richard says:

    Thought Steve’s piece was really good and that it describes the kind of relationship at least several friends of mine have been in for years.
    Steve’s current reporting from the scene of the hurricane is as good as his dispatches from the campaign trail last year. He’s really an incredible writer; his novel “Happy Baby” is one of the best books I’ve read in recent years.

  2. Amy Gahran says:

    I saw Steve’s piece also, thought it was well-written and made some good points. It does, of course, only portray one person’s experience of one poly relationship, so it shouldn’t be taken by anyone as anything more than that. Poly relationships are as varied in quality, rewards, and pitfalls as monogamous ones.
    But yeah, I thought it was cool that the NYT mentioned the word “polyamory.” Baby steps.
    – Amy Gahran
    Editor, Contentious

  3. susan mernit says:

    yeah, amy, i thought it was cool, too. richard, thanks.

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