• Google: Building data capacity in NYC

    NY Post’s got an article saying Google‘s in talks “to lease a whopping 270,000 square feet in the former Port Authority Commerce Building at 111 Eighth Ave. at W. 15th Street.” This building is home to dozens of telecom and hosting companies. Guess the G’s plans to take over the planet via digital services are… Continue Reading

  • New: Yoga Journal conference blog

    For the next week, Yoga Journal and a small group of blogerati will be working together to create almost real-time quality coverage of the 10th annual Yoga Journal conference in Estes Park–and of the visit of Mr. B.K.S. Iyengar, father of yoga in the West. I’m part of this happy crew and we’ll be posting… Continue Reading

  • Bob Cauthorn on newspaper business cuts

    Bob Cauthorn scred on the decline of newspapers and the (complacency) elephant in the room. Favorite snippet (the whole piece is worth a read–and applies not just to newspaper businesses): “You need brains now to save newspapers. Active brains. Big ones. With fresh ideas and no fear.” And: ” What if newspapers were to become… Continue Reading

  • FooCamp 2005: Web 2.0 meme map

    Tim O’Reilly’s posted a picture of the meme map describing Web 2.0 that foocamp attendees made–I’m going to print one to stare at for a bit..good stuff. Meme maps adapted from business model maps developed by Beam Inc.

  • Noted

    PaidContent reports that iMediaconnection’s being sold to DMG World Media,, who also own Ad:Tech. Researcher Anthony Townsend’s sharing del.icio.us links Bloomberg: Whitefish, Montana’s the geekish Aspen? Rojo founder Kevin Burton announces TailRank, a next-generation weblog ranking system–and his new start-up/

  • New Blood for (old) AOL

    Click Z reports: ” Erik Flannigan, most recently VP of programming for Walt Disney’s Buena Vista Datacasting, will head up a new unit at America Online. Flannigan will oversee Moviefone, AOL Music, AOL Radio, and AOL Television, and will develop new content initiatives for both the AOL service and AOL.com.” Welcome to Dulles, pal. Please… Continue Reading

  • Jake Tapper is blogging

    ABC News has a raft of new blogs and one of them is by Jake Tapper. Jake is super smart with lots to say, one of those print to TV to web guys, and now new bloggerati. Down and Dirty is Jake’s take (I wanted to say that) on pop culture and politics–topics he’s been… Continue Reading

  • Students today: Portrait of a Digital Native

    NJ educator Tom McHale has a lively piece about today’s HS students and how they are digital natives–tribal members of the always on/always connected generation. A snippet (the lede): “Meredith Fear sits in her room doing her homework. Books are scattered about, and a computer monitor glows before her. She is working on two Word… Continue Reading

  • In Brooklyn

    Staying with friends in my old home town, Park Slope, Bklyn. The area’s gentrified further since I last lived here, but the charm of the streets is just as strong–and the parade of owners and dogs back and forth to the park at dusk is just as eclectic and delightful. If I were to move… Continue Reading