Reading: Ahtisaari’s Blogging over Las Vegas

If you enjoy the writings of Howard Rheingold and Anthony Townsend, then you will surely want to read Marko Ahtisaari’s Blogging Over Las Vegas, an essay/talk about mobility, values and the future. Currently director of design strategy at Nokia, Ahtisaari is passionate, articulate and smart and this essay carries the authority and confidence of an experienced entrepeneur.
A snippet:
“Next year there will be more than 2 billion mobile phone users in the world. Over the last fifteen years the mobile industry has seen amazing growth. Much of this growth has been in the developed economies but increasingly the value is created in emerging markets.Just as it is difficult to perceive the speed of an airplane from within – blogging over Las Vegas – it is hard to fathom the scale of adoption of mobile technologies. We are numb to it. How will we explain to our children that before, when you wanted to call someone, you needed to stand against a wall? ”
There’s more, all well worth a read…