Web 2.0–it’s not just RSS

Dave Winer says: Web 2.0 is really simple, it’s RSS 2.0, but I would venture to disagree.
While RSS is an amazing tool, to me the heart of Web 2.0 is the user.
The enduring lesson of all of the social media and emerging technologies is that we’ve created an a la carte, do it yourself platform where users can engage with sophisticated forms of search, feeds, metadata and APIs, social networks and identity, and commerce and fill these vessels with their own information
–And that’s the heart of the revolution, IMHO.
The tools power it, but the people do it.
And I celebrate them.
(Via The Compass)
Update: Danah’s post

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  1. Ken says:

    Excellent and succint assesment of Web 2.0. Please feel free to share these types of thoughts on our blogoposium – Communicating the Ideas Behind Web 2.0. It is just kicking off!
    Hope to “see” you there.

  2. Snappys says:

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    Take care.

  3. Ted Rheingold says:

    My take is lighthearted, yet sincere.
    Web2.0 is really just Internet37.0, which is just another improved step in the internet’s inherent client-server communication structure.
    But as far as the excitement behind Web2.0 I think Web 2.0 is passion, people, participation, interaction, mojo, and fun, serious fun.
    Without the people and passion behind it I doubt WIKIs, RSS, AJAX, open web APIs would have been nearly as developed or used.
    Here’s an unrant on the topic
    Lets Make the Web!

  4. goodwitch says:

    Damn, how inspiring. And I want to take it one step further. Web 2.0 is the catalyst for discovery. Discovering people to share your ideas with. Discovering information that inspires you.

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