Would Lycos buy Technorati?

Frank Barnako quotes Alfred Tolles of Lycos on Technorati as a desirable acquisition target: “This is the kind of company we are looking at, seeing if they are acquisition potentials or whether we have the ability to do the same thing ourselves.”
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Susan sez: Think this comment will fuel (another) acquisition bubble?

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  1. Marshall Kirkpatrick says:

    That would be awful! I use Lycos’s social bookmarking service, Furl.net, like I use my right arm but they are SO unresponsive to Web 2.0 trends it pains me. I’ve known that Del.icio.us was going to overtake Furl’s feature set at any time, and it all but has except for features that only a huge company can provide today – namely data storage. (Furl saves a cached copy of every page you bookmark, very nice.)
    Lycos just “updated” Furl and made almost nothing but cosmetic changes to its UI. No change to the wretched topic-selection system that has almost completely missed the tagging train. No AJAX. Just some font changes, it seems.
    So though Technorati could probably really use some backing from somebody big with serious servers and experience scaling – Lycos seems way too old school to do the job.

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